Wrinkle Balm 2oz Tin

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Wrinkle Balm is a gentle and effective healing balm perfect for face wrinkles, skin folds, and irritated ears folds. Its anti-fungal properties eradicate yeast, bacteria, and crusty buildup. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, Wrinkle Balm improves overall skin fold condition and prevents future skin problems. Brachycephalic and wrinkly-skinned pups need this balm in their repertoire to ensure healthy skin!

Wrinkle Balm is essential for treating & preventing:

Skinfold dermatitis
Yeast & bacterial infections
Redness, chafing, & inflammation
Crusty buildup
Sores, dog acne, & scabbing
Interdigital cysts
Itchy & flaky skin
Hair loss & balding
Unpleasant odor
If symptoms are neglected and left untreated, issues can lead to much more serious conditions such as pyoderma, a severe bacterial infection and skin disease. Pets with rolls are susceptible to many unfortunate conditions. It is our duty as loving owners to make sure we keep them healthy and comfortable.

Keep Scout’s face folds and other wrinkles healthy and looking good with Wrinkle Balm. Your pup will thank you!



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