Farm Hounds - Duck Trainers

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About this product

Quality treats lead to better training!

Transparently sourced from 100% humanely raised animals, these bite-sized treats are perfect for every dog and any occasion!

✔️ bite-sized: small shape makes them perfect for training!

✔️ 100% animal ingredients: a perfect blend of muscle meat, organ, fat, bone, and blood (which is essential for a well-rounded carnivore diet).

✔️ transparently sourced: every bag shows you the exact farm partner we worked with to produce that product.

✔️ only the good stuff: every bag is a 100% single-source protein that is transparently sourced from family farms! With the power of dehydration, we offer your pups treats that are free of salt, sugar, fillers, and preservatives!

✔️ supporting regenerative agriculture: regenerative farming improves the well-being of our environment by allowing animals to graze and interact with the land instinctually.

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